If you’ve ever experienced vaginal itching, you know it can be super uncomfortable and sometimes painful, making you wonder, “Why am I itchy down there?” It might be the consequence of infections, irritating substances, menopause, some skin disorders, and sexually transmitted diseases (STD). While in some instances, you can experience itching because of stress or vulvar cancer. But do you know what is even more frustrating about itchiness? When you’re unsure about the exact cause of your vaginal itching. Hence, if your itching is severe, you must visit a doctor or some experienced gynecologist to examine the severity of the itchiness. Also, they will guide and prescribe you some medications to comfort the vaginal itching.

    Furthermore, thinking about how to stop itching down there immediately, women use some home remedies to comfort themselves from that annoying itching. Although, vaginal itching can be prevented using good hygiene and lifestyle habits. But following a routine health checkup can be beneficial, especially for women.

    Causes of Vaginal Itching

    Here are some of the common causes of vaginal itching and its surrounding area:

    Chemical Irritants

    Chemical irritants such as soap, bubble baths, feminine sprays, douches, contraceptives, creams, ointments, detergents, fabric softeners, and scented toilet papers are some of the possible causes of vaginal itching. These chemical irritants induce allergic reactions, creating an itchy rash on the vagina and other body parts. If you are using any of these, it might be one of the reasons why you feel discomfort in your genitals. Besides, if you have diabetes or urinary incontinence, it may also cause vaginal itching and painful irritation.

    Skin Diseases

    Many of you might not know the terms Eczema and Psoriases. These are the skin diseases responsible for causing redness and itching in the vaginal area.

    • Eczema: Atopic dermatitis is another name for Eczema. It is a rash that affects people suffering from asthma and allergies. This rash is itchy and reddish, having a scaly texture. Eczema can extend to the vaginal area in some women.

    • Psoriases: It is a prevalent skin condition, causing scaly, itchy, and red spots on the scalp and joints. Sometimes, these symptoms might appear in the vaginal area as well.

    Yeast Infection

    Yeast is a naturally occurring fungus that presents in a vagina. Generally, it doesn’t cause any infections, but if the fungus growth remains unchecked, it might result in an uncomfortable vaginal infection. According to the Mayo Clinic, the vaginal yeast infection can be found in any 3 out of 4 women. If you take antibiotics, your itching might be due to a yeast infection. These medications have the potential to kill both healthy and bad bacteria.


    Women suffering from menopause often experience vaginal itching. During menopause, the estrogen levels start reducing, leading to vaginal atrophy. The mucosa’s thinning line causes dryness, resulting in irritation and itching in the vaginal area.


    Physical and emotional stress is yet another substantial reason for the cause of vaginal itching and irritation. Stress can weaken your immune system, leading to abnormal menstrual cycles, itchiness, dryness, and infections.

    Vulvar Cancer

    In some instances, the itching might be the symptom of vulvar cancer. Usually, vulvar cancer doesn’t always show symptoms, but if it shows, they may comprise excessive and abnormal bleeding, pain in the vaginal area, and itching. Fortunately, if your vulvar cancer is diagnosed early, the doctors can successfully treat it. Therefore, it is highly imperative to visit gynecologists for your routine checkup.

    Additionally, if you get pimples during your menstrual, don’t take medications until the doctor has recommended them. Medicines in the periods may imbalance your hormonal system, resulting in an abnormal cycle, itching and infections. Instead, you can go for natural remedies. Read the articles on how to avoid pimples during periods naturally. You’ll get ample information on this.