Luckily, we live in a world that is full of beautiful women!

    There are many well-known celebrities, but many of them seem outdated. They all include celebrities who lost their fame in 2005 or are wholly subjective. This makes our list of the sexiest and hottest celebrity females in the world slightly different. Yet, we also include some evergreen names in our list you would love to hear about.

    This list is based on more than their looks. We’ve collected definitive information and data to choose the ladies on this list. For example, how many followers they have on Instagram, how often they’re praised by critics, how often their name is searched for on Google, how often their name appears in social media posts, and more.

    Here is the Definitive List of 7 of the Sexiest and Hottest Celebrity Females in the World.

    1. Billie Eilish

    Billie Eilish
    Another singer, Billie Eilish, became one of music’s best-selling artists at the tender age of 19 and was named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People of 2021. Still working as a minor performer, Eilish became well known for her baggy, casual dress style and her outspokenness about being sexualized while still a child.

    Eilish made headlines a few times when photographers could catch a glimpse of her body, but after her pinup-inspired Vogue cover, she broke the internet. Billie Eilish now seems more comfortable with her body and its attention.

    As a result, her name was frequently featured on social media and Google searches as many sexy variations.
    Undoubtedly, the singer is stunningly beautiful and has a great fan following worldwide!

    2. Alexandra Daddario

    Alexandra Daddario
    If you’ve scrolled through Reddit for too long, you’ve heard of Alexandra Daddario, even if you haven’t seen her movies.

    36-year-old Daddario is best known for playing Annabeth Chase in Percy Jackson’s live-action film based on one of the best-selling novels.

    She’s not the most active celebrity on this list, although she has appeared in titles such as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The White Lotus, and American Horror Story: Hotel.

    Alexandra Daddario’s hot projects aren’t all that frequent. Still, her looks alone have made her a very hot topic, with fans online consistently objectifying the actress and praising her well-endowed curves.

    On the positive side, they seem to like more than just their bodies. They think she’s a great actress too!

    Her fan following is undoubtedly more for her mind-blowing acting skills than being sexy.

    3. HoYeon Jung

    HoYeon Jung
    The South Korean actress and model took the world by storm in late 2021 with her role as Kang Sae-book in Netflix’s K-drama Squid Game.

    The actress is absolutely gorgeous and has won the hearts and attention of her fans worldwide. Her on-screen counterpart often dressed in the same boring tracksuit as the rest of the cast, was dirty and bloody, but Google searches for the 28-year-old model skyrocketed. Ho Young Jung secured a job as a global brand ambassador for the Louis Vuitton brand late last year.

    Her popularity will surely lead to more roles for the actress, and we can’t wait to see her in the next role. She is not just a good actress but is also known as the hottest celebrity worldwide.

    4. Selena Gomez

    Selena Gomez
    Selena Gomez may have started on the Disney Channel, but she’s been in complete control of every aspect of her career ever since. ‘The Dead Don’t Die,’ ‘Hotel Transylvania,’ and ‘Only Murders in the Building’ are the notable titles in which the gorgeous singer-actress performed outstandingly.

    Not to mention her prolific music career, with several songs on her Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US, including “The Heart Wants What It Wants,” “Come & Get It,” and “Good for You.”

    Now, Selena Gomez has dabbled behind the screen and has made a name for herself as a producer on numerous films and TV shows.

    Selena Gomez has been the most followed person on her Instagram for years. Since then, she’s slipped a bit off the list to number 7, but the actress-singer has 278 million followers, a testament to her hotness, beauty, and popularity.

    5. Margot Robbie

    Margot Robbie
    Margot Robbie, 32 years old, is one of Hollywood’s hottest women, and it’s hard to tell how many people Google her name (a lot) and which movies of her look the sexiest. An undeniable fact, given the many forums devoted to discussing it. The born actress has appeared in several projects, and her big break came when she starred opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street.

    Since then, Margot Robbie has starred in several films, including The Legend of Tarzan, Birds of Prey, and I, Tonya, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress.

    6. Dakota Johnson

    Dakota Johnson
    Dakota Mayi Johnson, an American actress, and model were born in Texas on October 4, 1989, to two well-known actors, Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. She is the beloved maternal granddaughter of a former child actor and advertising executive Peter Griffith and actress Tippi Hedren, and half-niece of production designer Clay A. Griffin and actress Tracy Griffith.

    Dakota Johnson is an American actress who became widely popular after the premiere of her amazingly erotic drama Fifty Shades of Grey, where she starred as the lover of the smart and elegant billionaire (Jamie Dornan) in the role of Anastasia.

    She also worked in two parts of the same erotic drama names; “Fifty shades darker” and “fifty shades freed.” She got many awards for her mind-blowing acting and was celebrated publicly due to her hot figure.

    7. Megan Fox

    Megan Fox
    Another frequent feature as the hottest celebrity female is none other than the super sexy and hottest actress, Megan Fox.
    The 36-year-old actress is the perfect example of early 2000s sex appeal. Her popularity has not faded, as she has grown like the finest wine.

    Even if she did not appear in many notable titles of 2021, the Public searched her name millions of times on Google, and she is still one of the top ten celebrities most mentioned on Twitter.

    She is still hot and loved by her fans!


    Many celebrities are active in the entertainment and fashion worlds. And while Hollywood actresses are usually cast in roles surrounded by Type A personalities and overly confident egos, these seven hottest female celebrities are somehow about it.