Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Though love can be shown any day of 365 days, valentines day gives you an opportunity to make each other feel loved or special. If you and your partner love the idea of celebrating valentine’s day, use this day to let your partner know how much you adore and love each other. First, valentine’s day is always even more special as a couple. If you’re someone who is wondering what to get to your girlfriend for the first valentine’s day, we have the list of top gifts that most girlfriends love.

    Here Is What You Can Get For A Girlfriend For First Valentine’s Day :


    It can be a ring, bracelet, or necklace. Gifting jewelry or an accessory to your girlfriend is a great idea for the first valentine together. These things can be kept as a symbol of love. whenever you look at these items you feel the love and grateful to have them.


    Chocolates rank high when giving it to a girlfriend. Almost everyone loves chocolates. If you buy good quality chocolates wrapped in an attractive box, your girlfriend is going to be happy after seeing them.

    Bottle of Wine

    When nothing seems to be impressive for your girlfriend, consider giving a bottle of red or white wine to your girlfriend. If she is a wine lover, then what can be perfect than this. Get herself a fine and popular wine. Always make sure what type of wines she like before you buy one. Wrap it nicely and you can add a few chocolates and red roses to it to make it look extra enchanting.


    Perfumes also make a good gift for girlfriends. A good-smelling and quality perfume are one of the top gifts loved by girls. All girls love a good collection of perfumes. So, give it a try and she will love it.

    Candlelight Dinner

    Your girlfriend would love the idea of taking her to candlelight dinner on valentine’s day. Since restaurants will be all booked and jammed with couples, make sure you do pre-booking for this idea. Book the table in advance. Know what your girlfriend likes the most in food, and have a talk with restaurants owners to know if they have what she likes. A candlelight dinner will never fail to surprise and make her happy.

    Gourmet Coffee

    For coffee-lovers, gifting coffee would make her feel so happy. Coffee is loved by many. If your girlfriend loves it, gift her the best gourmet coffee.

    Handmade Gift

    There is something about a handmade gift that makes other people feel the love when they see it. Because giving a DIY gift to your girlfriend will let her know how much effort and love you put to create a handmade gift for her.

    Take Her To A Movie Or Concert

    Having quality time together is great for both of you. If she likes music so much, book a concert of her favorite musician or music she likes to listen to. You can also take her to a movie and then to her favorite eatery. Spend time enjoying together on first valentine’s day. It will make her happy that you took her on a fun movie date.

    Contemplate what your girlfriend will like most and decide What to get to girlfriend for first valentine’s day from this list.