Sexual compatibility is one of the major pillars of building a bond in a marriage. The absence of good sex in a marriage can destroy your relationship which might end up in divorce. As per the studies, sexless marriages are marriages where spouses end up having sex less than 10 times a year or having no sex at all.

    Dangers Of Sexless Marriages

    Physical intimacy is not just having sex. Intimacy or lovemaking and sex are two different concepts. They might seem like identical twins but in actual they are not the same. There are plethoras of dangers of sexless marriages. Read on more to know about few discussed below:

    Emotional Connect

    Physical affection and attraction built the bond stronger. When a marriage starts missing out on sex multiple issues start to pop in. Physical intimacy is an integral element of the emotional bond between spouses.

    Corrosion in Relationship

    There might be multiple reasons for sexless marriages. The reasons might be medical issues, loss of interest, loss of sexual desires, stress, etc. When these reasons are not discussed between the spouses it stems from a misunderstanding between them. These issues often grow up in divorce in some cases.

    Fear Of Rejection

    We all need reciprocation of our love, efforts, affection, care, and physical intimacy. When one partner is not responding to the other’s interest in physical intimacy, it develops a fear of rejection in mind.

    Effect Of A Sexless Marriage On Wife

    A sexless marriage can make you feel isolated. It can hit both partners at different levels according to their sexual needs and desires. For a woman or wife, it can slow down her self-confidence and she might start believing that she has lost her charm. She might start getting insecure and conscious which can be seen in other regions other than this association.

    These sorts of events put you up in a tight spot. There comes up a big question mark on the existence of your marriage. The worldwide marriage divorce rate is approximately 40-50%. Yes, in today’s era, sexless marriages are a major ground for divorce.

    There is no absolute answer to the question “what percentage of sexless marriages end in divorce”? But the general answer is infinite. Some surveys say that one out of four marriages that end up in divorce is due to sexless living. However other surveys say the sexless marriage divorce rate is only 15-16%.

    Is There Any Other Solution?

    Yes, we mean it; when we say communication is the key. As every person is different, so are their sexual desires. There could be so many reasons for having a sexless marriage which can be only sorted by communicating with each other. Breaking the ice can save your marriage. So do what seems to be the most viable solution for you to save your marriage and not add on the growing percentage of the sexless marriage divorce rate.