In the era of technology, the internet has made almost everything possible. This guide is a fantastic treasure if you are visiting Downtown Los Angeles for the first time and love vegan food. We have listed 14 vegan restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles for you to find your favorite dishes easily, even at a place you are visiting for the first time. So, move forward with the guide. I hope it will be of great help for our vegan reads!

    14 Vegan Food Restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles

    Here is a list of 14 vegan restaurants Downtown Los Angeles. You can pick one of your choices and don’t need to visit the individual sites of these food places, as we have added reviews according to their customer’s feedback. So, relax and read more to see your next food destination!

    1. Ramen Hood

    (317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA)

    According to some prominent customer reviews at their sites, their chefs put great effort into making great ramen for vegans. Their OG ramen is highly recommended and filled with sunflower seed broth cream.

    2. Localita & The Badasserie

    (817 South Los Angeles Street, 1st Floor Lobby (9th), Los Angeles, CA)

    They have hired a very polite and well-mannered staff. This quality of the place acts as a topping to their unique flavored vegan sandwiches. They also sell vegan candy bars with a strange taste like soda but sugar-free.

    It is a perfect place for take-out smoothies and vegan sandwiches. This place is among the top three vegan food providers in Downtown Los Angeles.

    3. Au Lac

    (710 W 1st St (Hope Street), Los Angeles, CA)

    They are well known for their Asian taste. If you want vegan drinks, Au Lac would be your best option. Their chefs will serve you epic food and a fantastic presentation. You will find all organic and vegan vines that are worth a try.

    4. Donut Friend

    (543 S Broadway (Sixth Street), Los Angeles, CA)

    You can visit this place for awesome vegan donuts. They give exciting options in different flavors so that you can choose from various vegan food items. Their coffee donut is undoubtedly worth a try.

    5. Sprinkles Downtown Los Angeles

    (735 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA)

    You will be amazed by their red velvet cupcakes, made up of organic ingredients. As taste doesn’t come at cheap rates, they are pretty expensive. Their employees also make your visit worth it via serving and greeting gestures.

    It’s also the best place to celebrate birthdays, as they have special deals and give away free cupcakes on birthdays. After visiting, you will recognize that all the hype is real and for a reason.

    6. Mendocino Farms

    (735 S Figueroa St (at W 7th St), Los Angeles, CA)

    This is an amazing restaurant for vegan and fruit drinks and vegan food. You would love cherry soda and their best fruit tea. Their vegan curries give such an organic feel and are suitable for health too.

    There are so many vegan food options on the menu that sometimes it’s tough to choose. So, it’s a safe place for vegan eaters. They are famous for their vegan sandwiches and best salads.

    7. Gelateria Uli

    (541 S Spring St Ste 104 (Spring and 6th), Los Angeles, CA)

    They offer various categories of vegan products. Their vegan food items are intense, rich in flavor, luxurious, and creamy in texture. I suggest you try chocolate sorbet, dairy items, espresso, and gelato. You’d surely love the vegan food there.

    8. Tierra Cafe

    (818 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA)

    We would highly recommend visiting this delicious club when you are in Los Angeles. All the dishes are indeed vegan. It’s the best place for a vegetarian. You can try their wheat sourdough and hummus spring wrap. They are super delicious.

    9. Maccheroni Republic

    (332 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA)

    They have a great range of food items with vegetarian options and organic teas. It is also a perfect date spot for couples. You can make your special one visit this place to make them feel so special. You will find delicious and filling vegan meal options there.

    10. Juice Crafters

    (702 S Spring St (at W 7th St), Los Angeles, CA)

    First of all, their menu is so descriptive and delicious. You can get all information on ingredients even from the menu. They are well known for their raw, kosher, non-GMO, and vegan items. You will get highly delicious and affordable juices compared to other competitors.

    Their smoothies are mind-blowing, rich in flavor, and super tasty. They give large portions that are highly filling, so choose regular options instead of large ones. They also give discounts on weekdays for two hours, called happy hours.

    11. Tender Greens

    (6th Street (Olive Street), Los Angeles, CA)

    Tender Greens is always a perfect choice for lunch and dinner. Big plate, salad, and delicious veggies are their top attributes. They serve fresh, simple, and healthy vegan food items.

    12. Nickel Diner

    (524 S Main St (Btwn 5th & 6th St), Los Angeles, CA)

    It’s an excellent place for vegan eaters. Their breakfast is worth trying. Customers have prominently mentioned Bacon Doughnut in the reviews. So, you can also try their famous Bacon Doughnut.

    13. Press Brothers Juicery

    (317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA)

    They serve the best slush ever. They offer a wide range of slush drinks made of only organic and frozen juices. Their berry flavor is a must for all visitors. You can also give a shot at vegan popsicles, lavender lemonade, and watermelon lime mint flavors.

    Their juices are affordable, and the staff is friendly and provides great customer service.

    14. Le Pain Quotidien

    (523 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA)

    It’s an excellent place for a perfect vegan breakfast. They make fabulous bread, vegan cakes, and salads. You would love the coconut and Chia seed pudding there. Visit Le Pain Quotidien if you love good vegan food.

    The Bottom Line:

    I hope you are now ready to choose your next vegan spot. Yes, you are!

    We will provide you with the best information about the best outdoor dining in Los Angeles. So, keep on reading our more blogs.

    I hope you will enjoy your tours with healthy eating!