As Qatar also prepared for the World Cup, the country’s tourism industry increased, and people loved to visit Qatar to discover Qatar. In this little nation, you may shop at bustling markets, go on a sand dune safari, relax on a stunning beach, or spend the day with the kids at an exciting water park to discover Qatar. Enjoy international cuisines or immerse yourself in the splendour of Islamic art.

    After reading about the best ways and activities to discover Qatar in 2023, add these ways and activities to your list you really must see.

    Top Ways to Discover Qatar

    In Qatar, several exciting locations are to visit. The top eight destinations in Qatar to visit in 2023 are shown below:

    Visit Qatar National Museum

    The first museum in Qatar Doha to highlight the rich cultural legacy of the nation and its significance in world history is the Qatar National Museum of History and Archaeology. With interactive exhibits, it explains how Qatar evolved into what it is now. All ages can enjoy it, and it’s also informative.

    Although Qatar is an old country with a lengthy history, only some people are familiar. The architecture of the museum is equally exquisite and distinctive. It has a desert rose appearance. Thus, a fun site to visit in Qatar is the national museum.

    Visit the Qatar National Museum’s official website to learn more and make ticket reservations.

    The Pearl Qatar to Discover Qatar

    One of Qatar’s megaprojects with lofty goals is The Pearl Qatar. It is an artificial island constructed off the coast of Doha to serve as a sustainable role model for other nations in the area. It also serves as an illustration of how technology may be used to improve people’s lives.

    • Under one roof, The Pearl-Qatar offers a variety of eating experiences, including formal restaurants and family-friendly eateries with views of the water.
    • It also features several specialist shops that provide fashion, jewellery, and lifestyle items and a few specialty shops that provide a distinctive shopping experience.
    • Visitors can also spend some time at Pearl to experience it also in Qatar hotel.
    • Even if you didn’t get a chance to stay, you must visit this contemporary artificial city in Qatar.

    Souq Waqif

    One of the oldest markets in the world, Souq Waqif, has long been a significant trading hub. Fresh produce, locally manufactured crafts, apparel, and shoes are all available in this market, which caters to all tastes.

    • This location is currently a popular tourist destination with restaurants, shops, luxury apartments, and lots of exploration opportunities.
    • If you want to learn also more about the history of the souq, you can even take guided excursions.
    • Several cafes sell delectable meals for affordable costs.

    The Corniche

    One of the most visited locations in Qatar is the Corniche. There are many things to do, beautiful restaurants, and stunning vistas.

    Check out the Doha Corniche if you’re seeking something enjoyable while visiting Qatar. Everything from beaches to restaurants and businesses specifically created for strolling can be found along this 5-mile stretch of the coastline. There are also several playgrounds and parks for children.

    The Museum of Islamic Art

    The capital of Qatar is where you’ll find the Museum of Islamic Art. It is among the top attractions in Doha, Qatar. Through its collection of more than 6,000 items from around the Muslim world, MIA provides a singular opportunity to explore thousands of years of history, culture, and custom.

    By coming here (Iran), you can learn about Islam and gain insight into the rich cultural legacy of many diverse places, including North Africa, South Asia, and Persia, by coming here (Iran). You will discover how to create mosaics or stucco on walls or ceilings, among other architectural and creative techniques. Moreover, you can study fashion. It contains bridal attire from the nineteenth century.

    MIA Park

    If you want to take your kids somewhere secure where they can play or take a break from the sun from Qatar apartments, MIA Park is unquestionably among the top sites to see in Qatar.

    You can enjoy this park and the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) together because they were created adjacent. Even if you are not a museum visitor, it is accessible to everyone. No matter when you arrive, there will always be space in the park for everyone. Arabic calligraphy workshops are offered here. For children, it offers interactive features like Islamic Art through Time.

    How To Get also The Most Out Of Your Trip To Qatar?

    Avoid wearing revealing clothing in public by dressing modestly.

    Ramadan: Several restaurants are typically closed during the day during Ramadan. They will, however, reopen after dusk. Hence, if it applies to you, remember this.

    Check for Prayer Times: Research the locations you will be visiting prayer schedules so you can make travel arrangements properly.

    Travel document: You should always carry a travel document, such as a passport or identity.

    Currency: To make your journey more manageable, you must exchange local money.


    After reading about the top excursions and experiences to have in Qatar in 2023, put these excursions and experiences on your must-see list.