While visiting a hotel, guests usually have certain expectations, which are fairly innate to envisage the incident in detail. To meet those anticipations, hoteliers undertake everything! However, you might wonder about the prominent guest expectations you should comply with. To enhance the guest experience, focusing on the things that guests furtively crave is pertinent —the 3Cs: Communication, Cleanliness, and Comfort.

    Thus, ensure your rooms exceed the cleaning and hygiene requirements. Since customer satisfaction is contingent on efficient communication, ascertaining that your rooms and facilities provide visitors with the comfort they seek is paramount. If you meet the demands of your guests in these three aspects, it serves as a pathway to more distinctiveness and incremental income. Aside from these, other amenities that guests desire while exploring Kefalonia hotels or at other places entail the following:

    Top Guest Expectations in Hotel!

    Automated Keys and Online Check-ins:

    Since technological advancements have streamlined various elements of life, its emphasis on hospitality services is constantly shifting towards higher digital expectations. Nowadays, you can easily download plane tickets and bookings directly to your smartphone, enabling guests to anticipate mobile check-ins, check-outs, and digital keys for room access, involving the capability to seek hotel services from the hotel’s any location.

    Contactless Experiences:

    The contactless transaction is the most convenient method to save time, limiting interactions between visitors and personnel while enabling everyone to maintain a secure distance from one another. In light of the hospitality worker crunch, contactless automation is effective in keeping hotels functioning flawlessly.


    The dearth of cleanliness is the most prevalent complaint about hotel visits. While exquisite hotel hygiene tends to go overlooked, bad hotel hygiene is something everyone remembers. Thus, prioritizing stringent hygiene and cleaning services is imperative, aiding in reducing complaints and limiting discontentment among guests.

    Reliable Safety Policies:

    Hotels should serve as a home for their visitors. Sometimes, as a consequence, even the most rigorous and efficient safety procedures may encounter significant expectations. Visitors are increasingly anticipating enhanced safety measures, such as emergency safeguards, in addition to the standard safety precautions baseline. Thus, visitors prefer innovative technology-based safety measures.

    Straightforward and Effective Communication:

    The communication of the hotel staff must be refined throughout the guest’s visit with the intent for them to be completely happy with their stay and service. Therefore, offering quality service that anticipates and caters to the client’s wants is imperative to retaining them. Convenient access to communication techniques is the prominent and typical expectation of guests, whether responding to a request in a reasonable timeframe or contacting the appropriate individual to assist in resolving the issue.

    Value for Money:

    With the introduction of Airbnb as a low-cost, ubiquitous service offering, the variety of housing alternatives in hospitality has increased. To tempt clients through traditional ways of reserving rooms, hotels must up their game by exceeding their visitors’ expectations regarding additional value for money. It’s feasible utilizing existing marketing techniques.

    An Elevated and Authentic Service:

    High-quality customer service is the most prevalent expectation that visitors will always demand. Pleasant, accessible, amiable, and happy employees help in providing outstanding customer service, which can be readily attained with basic training. Since visitors desire millennial-friendly, welcoming, and personalized service, they will return to your hotel if you manage to provide them.