Indeed, it hurts when your crush like someone else. It’s hard to get over it since your heart keeps reminiscing about that person. Unfortunately, you cannot elicit sentiments of love from someone who loves somebody else. You leave with no choice but to either accept it and move on or keep trying hoping someday she’ll love you. However, giving up on someone you admire just because they like someone else shouldn’t be the first choice. Perhaps, the person your crush likes is just an infatuation, or the girl didn’t know about your feelings.
    The reason could be anything, thus, giving up on your one-sided love might not be the right option. Keep trying unless she expresses her dislike for you, but, for once, you must confess your feelings to her. There’s a possibility that if you express your true feelings, your relationship might take a positive turn. Therefore, it’s vital to clear things before you end up living your whole life feeling guilty for not expressing your feelings. The thought of “she likes someone else should I give up?” has shattered the hopes of many guys weakening them to the point of giving up.
    I have shared a few tips in this article on what you may do when your crush like someone else:

    Build An Emotional Connection With The Girl You Like:

    Desire to get a girl you like involves making her feel comfortable around you and having her believe she can easily talk to you about anything in the world. Begin by conversing with her about the topics you know she is interested in, and if she feels comfortable, try talking about her dreams and desires.

    Never Try To Sway Her Feelings For The Guy She Likes:

    Make it a holy rule not to try to influence her feelings for the guy she likes. Manipulating the girl’s feelings for her significant other may impact your relationship with her. If possible, avoid talking about or mentioning that individual. Instead, concentrate on establishing a deep emotional connection with her.

    Persuade Her That You Are Perfect for Her:

    Once the girl feels completely comfortable with you and you understand her wants and needs, try expressing your feelings to her prudently. Let her know how you may fulfill all her wishes and persuade her that you are the one for her.

    Make Yourself an Alpha Man in Her Eyes:

    An alpha man is self-assured and can make the opposite gender feel safe just by his presence. They always make their own decisions, regardless of the situation, and never seek permission. Female psychology manifests that girls subconsciously love an alpha male that may easily attract females by nature.

    Clearly Express Your Feelings:

    If you’ve followed the above-cited tips properly, it’s time to express your true feelings to the girl and desire how you feel about her. Confess how precious she is to you and how great you can be for her. Once you have done with your confession, give her time to decide and hug or kiss her when she says yes!