If you’re itching down there and are looking for an immediate solution, you are in the right place! After all, no one likes feeling like their private parts are crawling with bugs – or they can’t get comfortable in their skin thanks to extreme itchiness.

    Check out these ten simple tips on how to stop itching down there immediately and keeping your body fresh and itch-free until your next shower or bath!

    10 Simple Tips to Immediately Stop Itching Down There:

    1. Keep Yourself Clean

    For some, an itch down there is a natural side effect of getting your period. Thankfully, you can make a few simple changes to stop itchy in its tracks. A small and easy change like taking a daily shower (or bath) can go a long way in helping prevent breakouts, irritation, and itching during your period cycle.

    • Your best bet? Opt for a gentle cleanser with ingredients like aloe vera or tea tree oil, and be sure to wash from front to back to avoid spreading bacteria from your butt up through your vulva.
    • The key is finding a gentle, low-scented cleanser and avoiding scented or overly soapy products that may irritate your vulva.
    • Plus, avoid drying shower gels (like those made with alcohol) and body washes that can further dry out the skin.
    • Instead, opt for a simple mild cleanser, free of soap, so it won’t leave you feeling dry.
      When you decide to bathe rather than take a quick rinse in the shower, feel free to use some Epsom salts or bath bombs that can help soothe your discomfort.

    2. Don’t Overuse Chemicals

    Many over-the-counter medications can dry out your sensitive skin, leading to discomfort. Even more concerning is that many commercial products use harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin further. To stop itching down there naturally, look for products that are free of perfume or dyes and don’t contain alcohol or other potentially harmful additives.

    Some people also find relief by soaping up in warm water with a mild cleanser and then patting their genital area with a towel (once again, being careful not to rub too much). If itchy skin is an ongoing problem, you may want to consider eliminating all bath products from your routine, as well as any fabric softeners or drying laundry detergents.

    3. Use Baby Powder for Dryness

    Many people know they can use that baby powder for diaper rash. But did you know it’s also an excellent remedy for dryness during periods? Sprinkle some baby powder in your underwear when your period starts and keep it there until you’re done with it or when you think all of it has leaked out. Baby powder is mostly cornstarch, which absorbs moisture and keeps things dry.

    If you experience dryness every month and want to try something new, then baby powder might be what you need.

    Remember, baby powder can irritate sensitive skin, so if you aren’t sure whether or not it will work well for you, test it on a small area before sprinkling too much on down there!

    4. Treat Underwear as Sensitive Skin

    Believe it or not, you can find sensitive skin in areas beyond your face and chest. Next time you’re suffering from an uncomfortable case of itching or irritation down there, head over to your bathroom. Grab a clean pair of underwear and apply a gentle moisturizer. After allowing time for product absorption, try going without underwear for one day. Most itching will stop within 24 hours as your sensitivity eases. If you continue to experience discomfort at night, try treating yourself after using gentle soaps and rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water (don’t use hot water). Repeat treatment every morning before applying your regular products.

    5. Wear Loose Clothing Around the House

    Avoid wearing tight clothing when you’re at home and make sure your bottoms aren’t too restrictive. The last thing you want is something irritating your skin down there! Some people like to wear loose cotton underwear or boxer briefs for comfort.

    Also, don’t forget about any allergies or sensitivities that could be contributing to itching—foods and perfumes can cause irritation down there, as well as things like dust and pollution. If it doesn’t help, try changing up what you put on your skin. If fragranced personal care products are bothering you, switch brands or go scent-free altogether. If those tips don’t work either, see a doctor to tell why am I itching down there? They may recommend stronger treatments.

    6. Avoid Latex Allergies

    If you don’t want your underwear and socks to be itchy during that time of the month, make sure you wash them separately from everything else. Why? Because other fabrics in your laundry load (like towels) will get mixed in with your undies and socks, ultimately transferring a small amount of fabric softener residue onto those undergarments.

    Fabric softener can cause itching—it’s one of its main side effects—and when that happens in conjunction with sweat (which is already breaking down your skin’s protective barriers), you’re even more likely to get irritated skin while wearing those garments. Wash them separately at least once a week to avoid itching and keep your private parts happy and healthy!

    7. Go Bare Underwear Option

    No matter what you do, you’re going to get a breakout every now and then. But if your skin has a reaction when your panties aren’t 100% cotton, try using all-cotton underwear.

    Some suggest avoiding underwear with synthetic material because they retain heat and sweat, which can trigger an itchy reaction from yeast infections and other rashes.

    And if that doesn’t work for you, try switching up your style by opting for thongs (yes, even if you’re not wearing them for sex) or boyshorts. Both reduce friction on sensitive areas like your inner thighs so that discomfort will be much less likely.

    8. Use Antibacterial Gels and Wipes

    When you have itching or burning, it’s easy to reach for a soothing gel or wipe—and antibacterial products tend to feel cool and refreshing. In fact, many companies that make over-the-counter genital health products market their products as antiseptic. But did you know these creams contain alcohol, which can worsen irritation and redness?

    Try using unscented petroleum jelly instead; it will soothe your skin without irritating it further. If you really want a cooling sensation, try soaking in a warm bath or spritzing yourself with lukewarm water from a spray bottle.

    9. Wash Clothes Separately from Other Laundry

    By washing your clothes separately from other items, you avoid adding fabric softener or detergent residue that can cause problems. Switching out laundry is a simple way to stop itching down there. This tip works best if you’re battling a yeast infection.

    If you’re prone to them, wash your underwear and other clothes at least once a week on their own.

    • Wear Natural-Material Lingerie: Synthetic fabrics trap heat and moisture, which can irritate your skin and lead to itching down there or cause an infection like a yeast problem.
    • A nightgown made of natural material will allow air to flow around sensitive areas and help keep things cool and dry for a better night’s sleep.

    10. Get Medical Advice If Symptoms Persist

    It’s important that you pay attention to your body and get help if it’s telling you something. If you aren’t sure what’s causing your itching, see a doctor or go to an urgent care center. You may have a yeast infection that is common during menstruation because of the extra moisture.

    Antifungal creams are often used in treatment but can also lead to more serious side effects like rashes and burns if not properly applied. Alternatively, allergies can cause itching in your private parts. Before you buy anything over-the-counter for relief, ask a pharmacist about home remedies—eucalyptus oil can treat many different types of allergic reactions and irritations around sensitive areas of skin.

    The Bottom Line:

    Periods have a bad rap for a reason. Not only can they bring on cramps, bloating, and mood swings—they can also cause itching down there that makes you want to scratch away at your skin until it bleeds.
    Try these ten simple tips to help you avoid those uncomfortable itches (and avoid painful pokes from sharp fingernails). If they don’t work, get checked out. Sometimes, the itching is caused by an underlying medical condition—like vaginitis or an STI like herpes. It will help if you treat that right away with prescription medication. You can also study how to avoid pimples during periods naturally to further bring ease to those days.