Unarguably, returning to a sweltering apartment after a long tiring day is more vexing. Your AC isn’t cooling your apartment, regardless of how low you set the thermostat. As the weather is warming up and your air conditioner isn’t running effectively, calling the air conditioning repair Sacramento professionals is the first step you might take to identify and resolve the issue. However, possibly, your AC experiences a simple fault like a filthy or clogged filter or vents, disrupting it from providing sufficient airflow in the apartment.

    This article will walk you through some of the most prevalent causes of A/C unit failure while helping you determine whether you should fix it yourself or call a professional to repair it.

    Ways to Fix an Air Conditioner in an Apartment

    A few things are there you can inspect yourself and fix if it falls into any of the following categories:

    The Thermostat:

    A faulty thermostat might impair the efficiency of your air conditioner. Sometimes, when the thermostat fails, your HVAC expert just has to replace it and wire it up. Hence, before calling the professionals, firstly, ensure your thermostat’s display is turned on since if it’s off, it can’t notify the AC to turn on; secondly, inspect the batteries if you have a battery-operated thermostat.

    If there’s no issue with the batteries, examine your thermostat’s operation. Set its temperature to 5-6 degrees cooler than the inside temp. If you experience cool air, you have fixed the issue. However, if your AC is still not working, switch your thermostat off and inspect its components for wreckage or rust buildup and blown fuses since sometimes they are to blame. While you might clear the dirt using a gentle brush, corrosion concerns necessitate the assistance of a professional.

    Clogged Filter:

    Most people overlook cleaning their air filters, which might affect the AC’s performance if left uncleaned for a prolonged time. Hence, cleaning the filters is vital regardless of the sort of air conditioner you have! Since the filters tend to ensure adequate air circulation, if they get clogged with debris, they might block the airflow, straining the system to cool your home and eventually stopping operating. Filthy air filters can also cause your outdoor AC unit to freeze, resulting in system malfunction. In some instances, it’s also the reason why your AC isn’t turning on.

    Well, fret not; you may either call an HVAC expert to troubleshoot the issue or clean the filters yourself. Moreover, a periodic inspection can help prevent blocked filters in the future.

    Ice Build-up:

    If you experience ice in your unit, poor airflow inside the system or inadequate coolant might be the reasons. You just have to run the unit with the fan to allow the ice to melt. However, if the problem persists and the unit isn’t pumping cold air, you need to add extra coolant to your system.

    While these are reasons implying why your AC isn’t delivering cold air, there may be instances when you need to hire a professional.

    Reasons to Hire a Professional to Repair Your A/C

    Following are a few problems necessitating professional assistance to resolve:

    Low Coolant:

    Coolant from your AC may leak over time due to a hole forming in the condenser, enabling the coolant to flow out. Calling the HVAC company is the only option to fix the issue by inspecting the system for coolant pressure and adding the coolant as required.

    Poor Condenser Fan:

    Since this fan is responsible for moving air in and out of the apartment, if it’s broken, it might need replacement, substantiating experts’ assistance.

    Bad Air Ducts:

    Air ducts are an essential component of the HVAC system. If the duct malfunctions, they allow hot air to enter and circulate throughout the apartment. A HAVC technician will diagnose the ducts and identify the problem before remedying the issue.