Many men try to find answers to how to enlarge penis naturally. Most guys want to increase their genitalia, which is a typical desire. While medical technology offers a variety of options for penis enlargement, including surgery, drugs, and penile traction, one can also try natural ways to enlarge his penis by doing a few crucial motions and exercises. Many men are concerned about their size because they think it doesn’t add up. Some people may even experience penile dysmorphia which is a chronic anxiety disorder related to penis size. In truth, pornography and society in general, which have distorted our perspectives, play a huge role in this.

    However, if you are concerned, you can try these natural ways.

    How to Make the Penis Thicker and Longer Naturally With Exercises?

    1. Stretching

    Stretching involves applying light strain to the penis using a stretcher or extender device, often known as a penile traction device.

    A few tiny studies have found that these devices can fulfill your desire to an extent, lengthening the size by half an inch to almost two inches (or 1 to 3 cm). It could be uncomfortable to use this method. If you wish to see results early, you must dedicate at least 4 to 6 hours per day for a period of time.

    A few exercises promise to make you bigger. The focus of girdle exercises like jelqing is likewise on massaging the tissues. Maintaining one of these alleged effects requires consistency.

    2. Pelvic Floor Exercises

    Having an erection greatly increases the size of your penis. So it stands to reason that you’ll have a bigger penis to flaunt to your lover when you have a good erection. The best technique to train your penis is to achieve greater erections. A stiff erection results from your pelvic floor muscle group pushing blood into the cavities in your penis.

    3. Healthy Diet

    Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because a balanced diet plays a role in strong male genitalia. Fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants are necessary for a healthy and lengthy penis. These substances are particularly effective in battling free radicals, which develop in blood vessels and harm your body. Antioxidants also assist in boosting blood vessel strength.

    Risks and Cautions

    Being excessively harsh with your penis might result in significant tissue damage or harm to the ligaments that hold it to your body. These wounds may make it more difficult for you to achieve or keep an erection. Use stretching and jelqing exercises with caution because you do not want to lose it for one desire.

    Follow your doctor’s recommendations for how long to wear a traction device. Wearing it for an extended period of time can harm the penis’ ability to function.

    Side Effects of Penile Enlargement Surgery

    • Risk of illness and infection
    • If the suspensory ligament is severely torn, you will face decreased strength during erections.
    • During the first stage of rehabilitation, there is a chance of unintended harm.
    • Sexual stimulation may cause a loss of penile feeling.
    • If fillers are not properly injected, implants may fracture an unsightly penis.
    • Conclusion

      So, how to enlarge penis naturally? It does not have a proven answer. These ways may not work for all but should not leave you in distress. It is all about being mindful of our needs and wants. We can choose to stay happy with nature’s blessings or ruin our lives with superficial desires. It is more important to have healthy male genitalia than a longer one. You must practice mindfulness and adopt a healthy lifestyle to enjoy life.