Have you ever experienced that feeling when you and another person check each other, and your eyes meet, and an explosion of excitement and contentment ripples through your body? Do you know what that feeling is? It’s sexual tension.

    Let’s dive deeper into knowing significant physical signs indicating someone is interested in you and how to attract a woman sexually.

    What is Sexual Tension?

    Sexual tension arises when both people feel a great sexual desire but can’t act upon it at the moment, irrespective of any reason. People usually start this process using flirting. It helps evoke sexual interest and tension between both people. Subtle expressions of interest, such as eye contact, voice tone, or a touch, can help to create a tangible sexual tension.

    You can turn any woman on without saying anything if you:
    Compliment her flirtatiously;
    Have a pleasant conversation for a while;
    Giving her impalpable expressions.

    Why is It Important To Have Sexual Tension?

    When you flirt casually, you

    1. Build Excitement

    It’s a natural human tendency that when a person has to wait for something, they want to get more out of it. When you slow down things, the desire for sexual intimacy reaches its great extent. The imagination will keep revolving around how sexual things will get done.

    2. Show You Aren’t Desperate To Get Laid

    Women can sense you’re interested and attracted to her. But showing your awareness about the situation and having friendly flirting can help you know each other at a comfortable pace. Making your partner comfortable will help in trust build-up while consummating.

    3. Don’t Get Things Too Fast That It Feels Overwhelming Or Cheap

    Flirting can be easy, but escalating sexual things too intense can make a woman feels guilty or overwhelmed about intimacy. She starts thinking that things are moving fastly or it’s too early to get sexual.

    How To Create Sexual Tension

    Knowing how to attract a woman who isn’t interested or build sexual tension can be a tentative experience. It brings you closer to understanding each other’s sexual desires and turning the heat by withholding the sexual endgame. Moreover, if either you or your partner has a low sex drive, the sexual tension will help you regain your libido.

    Delay Sex

    Seducing or flirting are the best ways to increase the tension between you and your partner. Flirting and teasing are a form of art helping you to determine the sexual desires of your partner. Understanding sexual tension can positively keep your sex life healthy and kindling.

    Have A Seductive Chat Via Text

    Sending each other some seductive messages that elicit excitement can be a perfect move to building sexual tension. For instance, texts like I can’t wait to __________tonight, help your partner to know that you are already into her and thinking in a very sensual or arousing way.

    Touch Each Other

    The simplest and easy way to arouse sexual tension is finding opportunities to get touchy or have playful eye contact. While doing this, if your sexual tension goes so intense, find a private place to have a make-out in public.

    The Bottom Line

    Sexual tension is a natural feeling that we all experience when around someone we like or want to be intimate with. It’s beneficial to have transparent communication about how sexual tension feels within your body and its effects, particularly if you’re in a monogamous relationship. Consider all the possibilities to avoid negatively affecting others before getting into someone who makes you feel horny or regains your libido.