The toilet is a substantial part of your home. So when it breaks, it is necessary to get it fixed as quickly as possible for health purposes. Several issues arise if the toilet is left broken; hence, it requires repairing promptly. One of the reasons is it opens a door for the spread of bacteria and germs around the environment. Also, it clears a pathway for the development of other various issues over time. But most of them, if diagnosed early, can easily be repaired. Waiting for a longer time will only worsen the situation, resulting in expensive repairs or replacements. Hence, calling the best plumbing company in Sacramento will be the most beneficial idea for effective toilet repair.

    Now, you might be thinking about the cost of a plumber for fixing a toilet. Let me clarify, the pricing for toilet repair varies depending on the factors comprising damage extent and the source of the problem. The national average price falls between $60 to $200. This price is not specific, as it can fluctuate up or down depending on the amount of work and parts involved.

    How Long Does The Repairing Process Take?

    The toilet repair process time depends on the amount of work you have. If your toilet needs simple repairs, it might not take much time. But if the plumber has to remove the pipes or have some installation work, it will take more time than usual. If you want to avoid future plumbing repairs that cost you hefty amounts, hire the most reliable plumbing company for maintenance services like drain cleaning, water heater repair in Oakland, water leaking problems, etc.

    Toilet Repair Cost By Parts

    As we have discussed above, several reasons are there leading to the malfunctioning of the toilet. Additionally, the repair cost depends on the source of the issue and how much the damage is.


    The flange is a part that acts as a connector between the toilet and the drainpipe, and it secures the toilet to the floor. Including labor fees, the replacement cost for the flange falls between $145 to $165 approx.

    Wax Rings

    The wax rings act as a seal sitting between the toilet base and the drain opening on the floor. Typically, it costs approximately $50 to $200, and if it needs repairing, it varies between $50 to $150.


    Flushing is a substantial aspect of the toilet, and the siphon is what makes it happen. It is a small opening under the bowl rim, and if this gets clogged, the toilet might not flush properly. Calling the drain cleaning in Oakland, CA, can get your flush in an operational mode. You can expect to pay $135 for your siphon repair.

    Tank and Bowl

    As we all know, the tank is responsible for filtering out dirty water and bringing in good water. The cost to replace a tank comprises $50 to $100, and for installation, it will extend up to $45 to $300. Whereas the bowl is the main feature of the toilet, and if it’s broken, it might create issues, like leaking and a wobbling toilet. A new toilet bowl costs between $70 to $100.

    Toilet Repair Cost By Issues

    When it comes to repairing the toilet issues, it means a running toilet, a leaky toilet, and a clogged toilet. It sometimes becomes challenging to determine the exact source of issues. Hence, if you face any of these issues, you should contact a local plumber immediately.

    Running Toilet

    A leaky flapper is responsible for a running toilet. The repairing cost for a running toilet ranges between $100 to $400.

    Leaky Toilet

    A leak can happen due to several issues, but once your plumber identifies the root cause, they will take action. You can expect to pay anywhere between $100 to $600.

    Clogged Toilet

    No matter how clean you keep your toilet, somehow clogs will happen. It is the most common toilet problem we all experience. Depending on the damage, the repairing cost for a clogged toilet you might have to pay between $85 to $600.