Being in love is one of the most enticing, beautiful, and sweet feelings that everybody experiences once in their life. Few of you may have started a journey with the love of your life, while others may be waiting for the appropriate time to confess their feelings to their crush. If you can’t stop thinking about them, blush while talking to them, or fantasizing about your future together, you’re indeed in love. However, sometimes it’s just an infatuation that people may experience. It isn’t love if you aren’t serious about accepting that person as your mate. “How do I tell my crush I like her”? is the most common and trending question that most people wonder about.

    Confession someone you like can be a daunting experience, and it isn’t easy. While confessing your feelings, plenty of things are there you need to know about girls. Through understanding, you can form better and happier relationships. The big mistake that usually men make is pouring out all their love or feelings all at once, making the moment awkward. Avoiding such things is the first step you all should consider.

    So, the question is, how do you confess in a way that makes you not seem like a creepy alien? Here we have compiled a few ways that you can do to spark that connection.

    Send Her Flowers:

    Yeah, it may sound old-school stuff, but it’ll work unless the girl specifically manifests she doesn’t like flowers. Flowers are one of the most beautiful gifts to give to any girl. Get a bouquet and say in person while delivering them, or if you’re a Lil bit shy, send her a note with your confession. It will be a plus if you know her favorite flowers or color.

    Drop A Few Hints:

    If you’re feeling too nervous about confessing your feelings, drop some hints at your crush to determine how she responds. Make eye contact, send some flirty texts or tease them playfully.

    Give Yourself A Deadline:

    Setting a deadline for yourself to talk to your crush will help you confess your feeling easily and timely. Sometimes your anxieties get the best of you, putting you off doing something for far too long. If that’s the case with you, pick a date on your calendar and consider it a personal deadline to confess your feelings. Waiting so long might make things wackier! Amidst ” how to tell my crush I like her,” people usually give themselves more time to overthink the situation and miss the perfect time to confess how they feel about their crush.

    Seek Advice From Your Friends:

    Nothing beats the knowledge of best friends when it comes to seeking love life advice. Taking with someone who has been in a similar situation or has gone through such a phase can give you great advice. Your close friends know the best and can give you the booster you need. After talking to them, you’ll be more than ready to tell your crush how you feel.

    Make It Easy For Them:

    Although you want to make things the best, it is perhaps possible that your crush reciprocates your feelings. Therefore, when sharing your feelings, ensure you don’t make them feel they have to respond. Commence a conversation in a way that manifests they have a choice to do what’s right for them.

    If you truly love someone, don’t procrastinate things or await the right moment. Just simply express yourself when you are unable to control your feelings. Be accountable and straightforward. If the other person has the same feelings for you or waiting to develop a relationship with you, they’ll understand you and your feelings.