You have been with this beautiful girl for a long time, and the time you had together was magical. Surely you know she feels something for you more than friendship. But one question that keeps pondering you is, “how do I know if she loves me?” You want to confirm it before making your next move. Fortunately, there are a few ways that will help you determine if she loves you or not.

    Girls never confess their love directly. However, she gives subtle signs or hints, expecting you to make the next move. Most men fail to decipher those signs and end up killing the attraction. Consider the following telltale signs that a girl loves you!

    She Looks At You More Often:

    If she stares at you when you’re busy working and not paying attention to her, she’s probably in love with you. Eye contact manifests that person is interested in and fascinated by you.

    She Motivates You:

    When a person is in love, they motivate their partner with positive words, join their activities even if they’re least interested, and genuinely care about them. Only loved ones will support your passions and ambitions. If a girl encourages you and wants your happiness, she is the one.

    She Is Concerned About You:

    It’s a psychological fact that when a person truly loves you, they can’t see you in distress. If she comes forward to help and cheer you, especially when you’re in trouble or need someone to talk to, you should feel lucky as she has feelings for you.

    She Enjoys Your Company:

    Meanwhile, when you’re both getting to know each other, you guys will probably hang out with other friends. However, if she avoids those group outings in favor of an activity that allows you two to spend quality time, it indicates that she regards you more than simply a buddy. When she’s deeply into you, she’ll find all possible ways to spend alone time with you.

    She Gets Possessive:

    Does she get angry while seeing you talking to another girl? Does she sarcastically question you when you go out with other women? If you find her doing so, she’s probably jealous. She can’t see you with someone else and wants all your attention to herself. While getting jealous isn’t right, this behavior indicates she truly loves you.

    She Smiles When You’re Around:

    A smile is a welcoming gesture and the first step in commencing a conversation. If she smiles when you’re around, it indicates she’s happy and loves being with you. When you’re with her and notice her smiling every time she looks at you, it suggests she believes in you and wants to take the relationship to the next move.

    She Dresses Up For You:

    If she dresses up casually while going with friends but goes the extra mile to dress up well when you two go out, it’s a crystal clear sign that she wants to look good only for you. Whether you go for a movie or dinner, if she makes an extra effort to be noticed by you, she likes you enough to consider what you think of her.

    She Impresses You:

    “How do I know if she likes me?” the best way to know this is to observe her behavior. Does she impress you or shower you with surprises or gifts? If so, she is in love with you and wants to show how special you are to her. A girl will only do this if she fantasizes about her future with you and take this relationship forward.