Plastic surgery has not just gained popularity, but it is evolving as a concept more rapidly than ever. Most people think of plastic surgery as a way to enhance their appearance. While that’s one benefit of plastic surgery, there are other advantages too. Plastic surgery can also benefit your mental health. Since it affects patients’ relationships, self-esteem, and quality of life in the long term, interested people look for the best plastic surgeon in Reno. Most people interested in aesthetic surgery are either trying to recover from an injury or physical deformity or are trying to improve their own mental health.

    Due to the sea change in technology, plastic surgery procedures have become less invasive. Moreover, the side effects are minor and offer a shorter recovery period. It’s a life-changing decision for people struggling with mental health because they receive an improved appearance. As a result, plastic surgery has become less expensive and more accessible.

    What Studies Say?

    The present comparison-controlled study in the journal Clinical Psychological Science investigates results in a sample of 264 participants (comparison group) who were interested in plastic surgery but did not have it and 544 patients who received the surgery (the surgery group). Participants were followed for 12 months and asked to share their feedback.
    Overall, the findings show that those who chose to have aesthetic surgery reported positive effects on multiple factors, including

    • Anxiety
    • Social Phobia
    • Depression
    • Quality of Life
    • Life Satisfaction
    • Attractiveness
    • Mental and Physical Health
    • Well-being
    • Self-esteem
    • Realistic Expectations

      Having realistic expectations about what surgery can do for you is also important. While some major plastic surgery treatments might provide brilliant outcomes, they’re generally best suited for subtle changes. If your expectations are unrealistic or aren’t grounded, you may face disappointment.

      Breast augmentation procedures are reported to have the most positive emotional outcomes, with improved self-esteem and social confidence. Consulting an experienced and certified professional for breast augmentation in Reno ensures desired results.

      Despite successful procedural outcomes, some patients never feel satisfied with cosmetic procedures. Some of them suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, a mental illness. Plastic surgeons should examine a patient’s psychiatric history and current mental state to avoid problems. People with depression, schizophrenia, or BDD should not have cosmetic operations.


      Although plastic surgery is in demand for various reasons, you cannot ignore the risks associated with plastic surgery. Like all surgeries, the risks may range from dissatisfaction with the results to major health issues. Hiring a certified and experienced plastic surgeon ensures the best results. While plastic surgery should not replace the other forms of mental health care, most patients report feeling better and showing fewer indicators of poor mental health after their procedures. In other words, plastic surgery may enhance your mental health under appropriate circumstances.