The advantages of doing exercise seem to be never-ending. In addition to relieving stress, raising endorphins levels, exercise helps you last longer in bed. Yes, it is true. The benefits of working out are not just limited to fitness and health goals, but also to your sex life.

    Sex experts suggest that doing even a few basic workouts can help lengthen the sex sessions and make a couple last longer when in bed.

    How Does It Help Extend The Time In Bed? 

    Exercise has an impact on your sex life and how does exercise help you last longer in bed. During sex, the heartbeat gets fast and if you don’t have good stamina, it will lead you to be tired a lot sooner. With exercise, better endurance and stamina will be built. When you have good endurance, you will last longer in bed. Cardio and strength training is good for people who tend to become tired a lot sooner in bed. With cardio endurance, you won’t be easily tired.

    Here Are His Top 5 Exercises One Needs To Do If One Wants To Last Longer In Bed Naturally

    Weight Lifting

    Weight lifting also referred to as strength training, is a great exercise according to sex doctors and experts. Lifting weight improves sex drive. In fact, research has revealed that weight lifting is one of the best exercises for boosting testosterone. Due to strength training, muscle mass increases in the body, this further leads to more testosterone production in the body. Weight lifting workouts such as situps, pushups may help to improve stamina in bed.


    Another exercise for better sex life is Kegels. This exercise again improves endurance and blood circulation to pelvic muscles. Kegels helps to tighten your pubococcygeal (PC) muscle, which is one of the muscles that contract during orgasm. This exercise strengthens pelvic muscles, leading to a longer time in bed.


    If you want to increase sexual endurance, swimming in the exercise to make it happen.

    Apart from helping improve sexual endurance, swimming is also great for weight loss.

    Sex experts recommend doing swimming for as long as 30 minutes at least 3 times a week to enhance sexual endurance.


    You may wonder how does yoga exercise helps you last longer in bed? Yoga helps with flexibility and helps build endurance for physical activities and sex. There is a yoga exercise that targets pelvic muscles and helps improve their flexibility. Bow pose is one of the yoga exercises that is good for sexual endurance.

    Brisk Walking

    Brisk walking is good for ED because it improves blood flow and circulation. Fast walking, running and aerobics exercises can help boost your sexual performance as this exercise help keep the blood clear. As a result, it helps extend the time period during sex.

    Pelvic Lifts

    If you have a strong pelvis, you will be better at holding sexual positions. Pelvic lifts target the pelvic and hips and strengthen these areas. With pelvic lifts, you will build more stamina and flexibility to last longer in bed.