The horror you experience when your first white hair develops makes white hair one of the most worrying side effects of modern existence. You look for treatments and remedies to avoid spreading further since you know there will be plenty more. Hair aging is a natural component of growing older. Millions of hair follicles on your skin contain melanin pigment. Gray hair results from pigment loss by hair follicles with aging.

    Can White Hair Turn Into Black Again?

    First, let us dig deeper. 

    The development of new cells causes the hair follicles to lose the old cells, which results in new hair growth. 

    There Are Three Phases.

    • Anagen (growth)
    • Catagen (cease)
    • Telogen (rest)

    Your hair reaches the end of its lifespan during the period of rest, replaced by a new strand.

    The innermost part of the hair is white. Your hair has a genetically determined color, given by melanin. Melanin-producing cells are found in hair follicles, where they join with the keratin protein to form pigments.

    Loss of melanin, a pigment-producing component that creates melanocyte cells, causes your hair to become grey or white. Your natural hair and skin color are made up of this component. Lighter hair color indicates less melanin. White hair has no melanin, whereas grey hair has very little.

    It’s normal to lose melanin in your hair as you get older. In fact, the chances that your hair will get grey are assumed to rise by up to 20% every ten years after you turn thirty. Due to health conditions and heredity, some people begin to show signs of greying earlier.
    If genetics is the cause of your white hair, there is no way of reversing them. But, nutrient deficiency can help prevent the premature greying of hair. 

    People would wish to ask why is my white hair turning dark again instead of how to turn white hair into black. Let us not turn wishful and focus on our diet and hereditary information.

    How To Prevent Grey Hair?

    • You should reduce stress since stress hormones might cause the hair follicles to stop producing melanin. Practicing meditation and yoga can help release stress for a healthy life. 
    • Although it can be difficult to stop smoking, a doctor can suggest solutions that will help you keep your weight off. Smokers are at high risk of pigment loss. 
    • Less exposure to toxins and pollutants
    • Protect your hair from the sun. The harmful UV rays can trigger oxidative stress, leading to premature graying. 
    • Conclusion 

      There is no way to stop hair from greying due to genetics or aging. But, with a balanced diet and proper hair care habits, greying can slow down, triggered by food, pollution, bleaching, and stress. Consulting with your doctor can help you learn about your hair type to determine the best hair care. It is important to have a nutrient-rich diet to enjoy lush black hair for a long time.