Turning white hair dark again is one of the most irresistible desires of people. While some adorn white hair with pride and self-acceptance, others want to eliminate it. The real question is: can you turn your white hair dark again naturally? White or grey hair cannot turn black again naturally. In contrast, white hair is caused by bleaching, stress, food, pollution, vitamin deficiency, and other factors. Millions of hair follicles on your skin contain melanin pigment. Greying hair results from hair follicles losing their pigment as we age.

    What Do Studies Say?

    Taking away stress appears to reverse the greying process, allowing white strands to return to their natural color at the root, according to a recent study, confirming what many people have long assumed and giving some hope.

    Only a small number of hair follicles on someone’s head are impacted by the effect, which is transient and only achievable during a specific age range. The hair restored its color when the subjects reported a reduction in stress, such as taking a vacation or resolving an uncomfortable situation.

    The stress reaction is essential because it will aid in survival. However, stress causes some cells to age more quickly. The external reflection of this internal cost of stress is the (grey) hair. The change in hair color allows you to observe the effects of stress.

    How to Keep Your Cells Young to Prevent Premature Greying?

    1. Exercise

    Being physically active is necessary for overall health. Physical activity benefits the entire body. It encourages the release of positive hormones and communication between various body components. Make a routine and stick to it for positive results.

    2. Take Your Vitamins

    Before you start taking your vitamins, it is important to consult your doctor to check your levels. The generation of red blood cells, the health of nerve tissue, and brain function all depend on vitamin B-12, which is a necessary nutrient. Cobalamin is another name for vitamin B-12. According to the study, many young people and people with grey hair are vitamins deficient.

    3. Diet

    An unbalanced diet can trigger hair aging. Processed meals, cold beverages, and a high salt and sugar diet raise the possibility of the body producing free radicals, which can result in grey hair. You are recommended to eat a protein and iron-rich diet for healthy and shiny hair.

    4. De-stress

    Stress is one of the primary causes of premature greying of hair. You must ensure adopting a healthy lifestyle while focusing on being mindful throughout the day. Keep stress away by doing some leisure activities.


    How your hair follicles create melanin determines whether your hair will become grey prematurely. Melanin production can be stopped by stress, nutritional deficits, and other lifestyle variables. Melanin may be recovered by undoing these variables.
    However, the age at which you start noticing greys and their severity is typically determined by your genes. Maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent premature greying.